Membership Benefits

When it comes to your health, having access to help whenever you need it empowers you to make the most out of life. At Prestige Primary Providers, we make it easier to keep track of your health and wellness. Our comprehensive internal care membership plans allow you to make the right lifestyle decisions and stay on top of your condition. Our compassionate staff works with you so you are able to take advantage of your benefits package.

Customized Care Tailored to You

Skip the piecemeal approach to contemporary patient care and sign up for a comprehensive solution. When you join our membership program, you can expect shorter waiting times, as well as appointments that allow you to discuss your concerns with attentive and caring medical professionals. As a result, you are able to understand your current health needs and what you must do to maintain your wellness.

As your trusted primary care providers, we provide thorough diagnostic and preventative treatments. Our providers discuss your health in understandable terms, whether you are being treated for a chronic condition or sudden illness, we are committed to helping you feel better. To us, you are a member of our family.

Get to Know Your Healthcare Membership Plan

Once you sign up for our healthcare membership plan, we will do everything to provide you with the easiest and most convenient experience possible. Although we do not accept insurance policies, we are geared to serve the healthcare needs of any patient population. Our membership plan is not a substitute for insurance. It has been carefully designed to meet our patients’ varying needs. We feel strongly that each patient will recognize the unparalleled benefits at an affordable cost.

Our low, annual fee of $1,800.00 includes:
• Direct Access to Our Providers 24/7 via Cell Phone and Email
• Same or Next-Day Office Appointments During Regular Business Hours
• Home Visits When Indicated (please visit our home visits page)
• Expanded Patient Appointment Times
• No Further Co-Pays, Fees, or Other Charges from Prestige Primary Providers
• Convenient, On-Site Lab Draws
• Most Vaccinations Included
• Courtesy Appointments for Visiting Out-of-Town Family Members for Acute Illness
• Courtesy Hospital Visits and Coordination of Inpatient Care
• Coordination of Outpatient Specialty Referrals
• Comprehensive Physical Examination on Each Visit
• Annual EKG Screenings and When Needed

Direct Access:
By limiting the number of patients in our practice, we will be directly available to address any concerns or needs you may have. Please be assured that time from your busy schedule will not be wasted on frustrating answering services and waiting for returned phone calls. Once you are an established patient, you will be given a dedicated cell phone number to directly reach our providers at any time.
Please continue to explore our website and contact us for further information or to request an appointment.

No Hidden Charges:
Simplicity in your healthcare is important and we understand that. All services, procedures, office visits and vaccinations provided directly by Prestige Primary Providers are included in your low $1800 annual membership fee.
Please note that you will still be responsible for any and all co-pays and fees from other facilities/physicians. Prestige Primary Providers has no control over these fees.
Please continue to explore our website and contact us for further information or to request an appointment.

Immediate Appointments:
Comfort and convenience come in knowing you will be able to see your primary care provider with same- or next-day office appointments during regular business hours with virtually no wait times. Additionally, our appointment times are extended to allow you to thoroughly discuss your concerns with our providers. As a result, you will be able to actively participate in your healthcare plan with clear knowledge and understanding.
Please continue to explore our website and contact us for further information or to request an appointment.

Home Visits:
We understand that for some patients, traveling to an office visit can be difficult and sometimes impossible. For our patients with physical limitations preventing office visits, we can arrange home visits with all the same services we perform in our office. However, there is an additional fee of $500/year for this added convenience. To determine if you are eligible for home visits, Prestige Primary Providers will evaluate each patient and their need on an individual basis.
Please continue to explore our website and contact us for further information or to request an appointment.

Courtesy and Coordination:
Our goal is to ensure you receive the highest quality healthcare both outpatient in our office as well as inpatient for any hospitalizations you may require. In the event you are hospitalized for any reason, we will make courtesy visits and continue to coordinate your healthcare in conjunction with your inpatient physicians. We assure you that we will be with you throughout the process and that your transition back to our outpatient office from an inpatient stay will be a hallmark example of uninterrupted care.
As an additional courtesy to our patients, we offer courtesy appointments (for up to 1 month) to out of town family members who have an acute illness and an immediate need to see a primary care physician. This courtesy is included in your annual membership fee and neither you nor your family member will have any further charges from Prestige Primary Providers for services we directly provide. Should a referral be needed, all fees and co-pays from other facilities, physicians, laboratories, etc. will still be the responsibility of your family member as Prestige Primary Providers has no control over such charges.
Please continue to explore our website and contact us for further information or to request an appointment.

Annual Physicals:
Comprehensive and thorough physical examinations are standard at Prestige Primary Providers for each and every office visit. Our expanded appointment times allow for both in-depth conversations regarding your healthcare plan as well as ample time for our providers to perform the physical exams that help determine that plan.
Annual baseline cardiac EKGs are standard and also performed anytime needed or indicated. We also diligently adhere to the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Preventative Task Force regarding annual screenings for diabetes, cholesterol, colon cancer, prostate cancer, etc.
Please continue to explore our website and contact us for further information or to request an appointment.

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