Frequently Asked Questions

Prestige Primary Providers offers attentive care and service in a caring and compassionate environment. To that end, we are committed to making each visit a simple and stress-free experience. Our team will ensure your every appointment completely addresses your concerns. We try to anticipate healthcare questions you may have about our practice and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How is Prestige Primary Providers different from my current medical care?

Prestige Primary Providers is a new model of delivering quality medical care for patients who want to take charge of their overall health and have a direct line of communication with their provider. Patients will have access to their providers 24/7 via direct cell phone and/or email communication.

The number of patients in our practice is limited to a significantly smaller amount than traditional medical practices, allowing us to provide more personalized care and attention to our patients. This is a growing trend nationwide, as many people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits in having a personal relationship with their provider and the effect it has on overall quality of medical care. Specifically, having a provider who has detailed knowledge of your medical history reduces unnecessary medications, hospitalizations, and urgent care visits. This can drastically reduce your healthcare expenditures, saving you both time and money.

What is the annual membership fee, and what services are covered?

Prestige Primary Providers charges a membership fee that covers a wide array of procedures and treatments. This allows you to keep track of your current health, while also providing additional insight into the specific services you require.  The annual fee is $1,800.00 per year and can be paid quarterly, bi-annually or yearly via check or credit card.
Our office visits are substantially expanded to meet our patient’s needs and provide thorough exams and discussions to ensure our patients understand their healthcare plan.  Please visit our membership page for details.

Is the membership fee covered by my insurance?

Generally, the concierge membership fee is not covered by insurance. However, depending on your specific insurance carrier, you may be able to utilize health savings accounts and/or flex spending to cover the fee. Please contact your insurance carrier to determine if the fee may be reimbursed to you.

What if I am admitted to a hospital or require inpatient care?

Our vision is that you have uninterrupted care from the outpatient setting and into any inpatient hospitalization that may be needed. We will coordinate with the inpatient physician throughout your hospital stay to ensure we are aware of everything that is being done to treat your medical condition. This eliminates any confusion with your hospital discharge and follow-up plan because we will be directly involved with your care. We believe this will eliminate duplicate medications, unnecessary changes in your medications, and allow you to have a clear plan of when to follow up with us in the outpatient setting.

What if I need to see a specialist for my medical condition or if I need surgery?

This is another major service we provide. Having worked in the community for many years, we have extensive knowledge of our specialists and great personal relationships with them. As our goal and commitment is to not only get to know our patients on a personal and medical level, any specialist referral will be made as it would be for a member of our families. We will make every effort to ensure that you receive medical care that we would expect for ourselves or our loved ones.

Will I have any additional costs from Prestige Primary Providers other than the annual membership fee?

No. The membership fee is inclusive of any and all services provided by Prestige Primary Providers. There are no additional fees for office visits or any other treatment we provide. You will still be responsible for any and all fees charged by other physicians/providers, facilities, labs, diagnostics, and radiographic studies with your normal insurance co-pays as expected. Prestige Primary Providers has no control over these charges.

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